Saturday, June 5, 2010

Salad Days: Greens Galore!

Early June in Kansas City is prime harvest time for greens planted in March, including lettuce, swiss chard, spinach, mustard and beet greens. Here's part of our harvest today from the Harvesters Demonstration Garden.

To harvest lettuce, you can harvest the entire lettuce plant or cut off the leaves so it will grow again. You can harvest only the outer leaves, but it's faster to just grab the lettuce and cut off everything above the lowest leaves. If you leave some lettuce just above the root, everything will grow back. You can do this several times until the leaves start to taste a little bitter, which starts to happen with hot weather. At that point, it time to pull up the whole plant and put in the compost.
DST employees harvested lettuce last week at their group garden at 10th and Jefferson in downtown Kansas City. Approximately 100 DST employees volunteer to tend over 50 raised beds in the garden.

The DST garden produces nearly a ton of donated vegetables each season to feed the hungry through the Kansas City Community Kitchen at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral.

The group garden at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Brookside is bursting with greens this week, including lettuce and swiss chard. The garden provides fresh vegetables to families in need through the church's food pantry.

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